High Strength Steel

Contact our sales team today on 01423 359111 for a free quote

Contact our sales team today on 01423 359111 for a free quote

Structural High Strength Steel

Structural steel or high strength is an extremely tough and durable material. It helps to improve the performance and safety of vehicles and structures where weight saving is required.

It is most commonly used to make heavy road vehicles, dumper bodies or chassis (the framework of a vehicle). High strength steel is also used in bridge components, pressure vessels, power plants and engineering applications.

High Strength S690 QL1


The steel is suitable for cold-forming adhering to a bending or folding radius of > 4 times plate thickness longitudinal and > 3 times plate thickness transverse to rolling direction. A subsequent stress relief annealing is possible up to a temperature of 580°C.


Hot-forming above 580°C is possible. A subsequent quenching and tempering has to be carried out according to the delivery condition.

High Strength OPTIM 700MC

Extra high strength Optim™ 700 MC structural steel offers excellent bendability, weldability and cutting properties. Lightened structures mean increased payloads for machines and equipment, reduced fuel consumption, environmentally sound construction and sustainable development. Surface quality and dimensional and geometrical accuracy are guaranteed.


The weldability is excellent and all the common welding processes can be used. Preheating is not necessary under normal conditions. A narrow heat affected zone (HAZ) with a somewhat lower strength is formed immediately adjacent to the weld. The softening tendency can be limited by avoiding unnecessarily high heat input during welding. In applications where high strength is required, the welded joints should be placed in the less stressed locations. So, the effect of welds on the structure will be minimised.


Optim™ 700 MC steels can be cut easily by using thermal methods such as flame, plasma and laser cutting. Mechanical cutting can also be applied, but attention must be paid to the stiffness of the equipment, blade condition and clearance, and support of the work piece.

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S690 QL1





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