High Strength Steel. Strong. Cost Effective. Lightweight.

Wherever you are reading this, look around you, outside your window maybe – what do you see? More than likely, some fascinating buildings, objects and architecture made from incredibly strong materials.

High strength steel is quenched and tempered steel used for the fabrication of large structures and allows for better mechanical properties where weight saving is a must. The material is heats treated and has good bending and welding properties.

High Strength Steel is commonly used on heavy road vehicles, dumper bodies or chassis (the framework of a vehicle). High strength steel is also used in bridge components, pressure vessels, power plants and engineering applications which all require high strength but low weight materials.

Typically containing up to 0.9% carbon, 1.65% manganese and 00.33% is made of niobium, vanadium and titanium in various combinations.

Our high strength steel products are suitable for cold-forming, hot-forming, welding and cutting. See more information on these methods here.

Another one of the many benefits of is it is great for the environment, while it is 100% recyclable it can be used again and again. High Strength Steel forms part of an eco-cycle and can be recycled endlessly as raw material to make new steel, even doing this has no impact on the new steel quality which makes is hugely popular amongst modern materials.

What other material do you know that can stand the test of time, be cost-effective and lightweight?

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