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AJ Marshall: High Quality Corrugated Corten Steel.

A.J. Marshall have over four decades of experience in the manufacturing and supply of specialist steels, which includes corrugated corten steel. Corrugated Corten sheet metal is commonly used for the purposes of roofing.

Our corten steel corrugated roofing panels can be manufactured to any given size to ensure that there is the option to overlap each sheet once in situ. They can also be trimmed to your desired size for ease of handling and transport where required.

AJ Marshall’s corten corrugated sheets are supplied in the natural bright finish, although they can be treated to encourage natural rusting if required by the client.

If you are looking for corten corrugated metal roofing or corrugated corten steel for any purpose, then please get in touch with A.J. Marshall today.

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Your Questions Answered

What is Corten Steel?

Corten Steel is a revolutionary material that’s changing outdoor construction in Dubai and throughout the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

This special alloy weathers over time, forming an attractive rust-like patina without the need for painting – in as little as two months! It’s quickly becoming one of the most sought after materials for building projects in Dubai and around the world.

What is the difference between Corten steel and regular steel?

Corten’s unique protective rust coating gives it an extended lifespan compared to standard mild steel, making Corten the go-to choice for long lasting durability.

What is Corten steel used for?

Corten is quickly becoming the go-to material in modern design, striking a balance between industrial aesthetic and natural rustic beauty. It can be seen enhancing architecture, public spaces with street furniture such as signs or chimineas to more luxurious creations like works of art and fire bowls.

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Our steel is certified, traceable and of the highest quality available.

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